In accordance with article 13 of the 2003 Decree Law no. 196, s.r.l. informs you of the following:
1. Your personal data is required for the following purposes:
1.a. the administration of services selected by you on this website;
1.b. promotional offers, market research surveys, economic/statistical analyses, customer satisfaction evaluation. It may also be used for marketing activities or sales information aimed at rewarding or encouraging customers in the event of a purchase, by means of mailing of printed advertising and promotional materials, e-mails, text messages, mms, newsletters.
2. Consenting to the handling of personal data, for the purposes mentioned in point 1.a., is compulsory and any refusal to comply will mean s.r.l. is unable to provide the relative services. Providing the data mentioned in point 1.b. is optional.
3. For the purposes described in point 1.b. personal data strictly necessary for each type of processing may be:
3.a. handled by s.r.l., transmitted to the group’s companies and used by them;
3.b. communicated by s.r.l. to owners of the databank which constitutes the object of the service provided, and which is handled by them.
4. Personal data that is strictly necessary for such handling may be transmitted to technological and instrumental partners which the holder hires to provide the service requested and may be handled in other countries by subjects located in the European Union.
5. Personal data will be handled by manual, automatic (IT) and telecommunications tools by the s.r.l. organization. In any case data will be handled using methods that are strictly related to the purposes indicated above and in such a way as to guarantee the safety and privacy of the personal data, which will also be handled and protected in environments where access is constantly monitored.
6. The person in charge of handling the data is the legal representative of s.r.l., whose registered office is in Via del Lauro, 3 - 20121 Milan.
7. In relation to the processing of personal data, in conformity with article 7 of the 2003 Decree Law. no. 196, the interested party has the right to obtain:
7.a. the confirmation of the existence of personal data relating to the interested party, its transmission in a comprehensible form and knowledge of its source as well as the methods used in handling it;
7.b. the cancellation, conversion into anonymous form or blocking of personal data held or handled in breach of the law;
7.c. the updating of personal data, its rectification or, should it be of interest, its supplementation
7.d. the confirmation that the operations mentioned in points 7.b. and 7.c. have been brought to the attention of those to whom the personal data has been provided, unless this proves to be impossible or requires means that are evidently excessive in order to fulfil the right in question
7.e. the interested party moreover has the right to oppose the handling of personal data for the person concerned on reasonable grounds by writing to the holder of the data being handled who may also provide, upon request, a list of group companies.
In accordance with article 24, paragraph 1, point b) of the 2003 Decree Law no. 196, the interested party, at the end of the registration procedure or upon completion of the order form for the purchase of the service, shall consent to the processing of their personal data for the compulsory purposes mentioned in point 1.a.


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