MULTI-USER SOLUTIONS products are available in multi-user solutions in three different ways:

1. Online version with access through IP authorization.
This is the most flexible solution. The local network only needs to have been assigned a fixed IP address.

2. Online version with access through single client username+password.
This solution is ideal for a local network with fewer than 10 clients. Each client must register during the first access.

3. Stand-alone (downloadable) version installed on a local server.
This solution works with Windows local networks: you will need to create a shared resource on the local server where the software is to be installed.
Each client must register during the first access. It is ideal for small local networks without a fixed IP address.

With both online solutions, multi-product subscriptions allow to benefit from the interaction among all data banks.
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For solution 1 (online with IP authorization)
Institutions, universities, secondary schools, companies and professional studios who wish to purchase multi-user subscription may consult the price list and contact us at the following address:
Universities, secondary schools and libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland may contact our distributor Digento at

For solutions 2 and 3 (online or downloadable with client registration)
The price of a multi-user solution is proportional to the number of clients and the price of the corresponding single-user product, to which a heavy discount is applied.
Companies and professional studios that are interested may contact us at


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Mac OS High Sierra

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