eLexico.com distributes the dictionaries of well-known publishers in electronic form, in both online and downloadable versions.

» Are you looking for multi-user solutions?

The version that can be downloaded from the website can be installed on a hard disk, eliminating the need to keep a CD inserted in the reader during consultation. This feature is extremely practical for professional users who often use more than one reference work at the same time.
• As it is a multi-platform software, it runs on 32 and 64 bit computers with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems, ensuring the related dictionary or reference source can be used anywhere and by anyone.
• This version must be activated online; each licence enables you to activate 3 times the product. » Find out more

The online version simply requires a recently released version of the main browsers, and can also be used with a tablet computer.
• With this version you can also benefit from the interaction among all data banks.
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» System requirements and procedures
» How to install the downloadable version?
» Online or downloadable version?
- Search for text within a field: this allows the use of wild-card characters “?” and “*”, logical operators AND, OR, NOT, NEAR TO, and can be extended to all fields marked in the initial database: headword, equivalents, phraseology, entire text, etc.
- Search by chosen categories: suitable for limiting the search on the basis of fields which contain abbreviated markers (grammatical categories, restrictions on use etc.) starting from a list which gives the meanings of the markers used.
- Limited search in specific sectors of the database; for instance in a single section in a bilingual dictionary, or in the basic lexicon of a monolingual dictionary, etc.
- Each word of the visualized documents is indexed and active; with a simple click of the mouse an immediate search is launched to find hits in all relevant fields.

Have you come across a problem with an elexico.com product?

Send us an e-mail to the following address: support@elexico.com providing the following information:
• the title of the dictionary
• the serial number of the product (the code containing 16 letters and numbers)
• the platform used (Windows, Macintosh or Linux)
• the operating system used (type, version and eventual system pack installed)
• the browser used (type and version) in case your problem is related to an online version
• the software version number (that can be found within the full description od the product) in case your problem is related to a product downloaded from this website
• the type of medium in case your problem is related to a cd-rom or dvd purchased in a bookstore
• a detailed description of the type of malfunction, attaching a screen dump of any error messages shown and the content of the file.log if indicated.