A cookie is a textfile sent and installed by a website visited by the user on the user's device, where it is stored and sent back to the original website during a subsequent visit. Cookies can be distinguished according to:

• the subject installing them on the user's device: this subject can be the visited website administrator (“direct cookies”) or the administrator of a different website, whose cookies (“third party cookies”) are installed through the first website;

• the time span of their presence on the user's device: cookies deleted at the end of the session are called “non-persistent”, while cookies that are not deleted are called “persistent”;

• their purpose: “technical cookies” allow the visited website to store login data or preferences expressed by the user during navigation, or allow e-commerce operations or authentication in order to log into reserved pages; “profiling cookies” allow the visited website to monitor users navigation, also in order to send commercial ads or offer services to the user aligned with his preferences; only profiling cookies need the user's agreement before they can be installed on the user's device.

From the www.elexico.com website only technical cookies are installed on the user's device.

The following technical direct cookies are installed from the www.elexico.com website:

cookie persistency owner usage
JSESSIONID non-persistent eLexico.com handling of the session on the server side
rememberMe persistent eLexico.com handling of an automatic login to the website during accesses subsequent to the first login
sifrFetch non-persistent eLexico.com support of special fonts

User's data stored by these cookies are not used for advertising, and are not transmitted outside eLexico.com. These cookies do not need the user's agreement and are required for a correct navigation within the website. Read more about the eLexico.com privacy policy.

Some third party technical cookies are installed through the www.elexico.com website on the user's device; these cookies are used in the handling of statistical processing, in order to allow a constant improvement of the website according to users typology:

cookie persistency owner usage
(x variable)
and non-persistent
Google Inc. Google Analytics cookies used in the handling of access statistics

Data processed by Google Analytics are “anonymized” (the user's IP address is masked), and are not shared with other websites or with other Google services. These cookies fall therefore into the technical cookies group and do not need the user's agreement. Read more about the Google privacy policy.

However, these cookies may be deactivated without any downgrading of the navigation within the website: read here how to deactivate Google Analytics.