Are you a publisher? offers you a partnership

Do you hold the copyright of a dictionary or any other professional data bank?
We propose to integrate your data bank with our software, and add the resulting product to the online shop.

Here are our trump cards:
the same platform for all products, independently of the publisher: a “core” of excellence in reference works which is becoming a focal point for students, translators and professionals; a range of various top-quality products is further enhanced by being able to offer customers combined packages, meeting their every need
• the opportunity to use the same web-marketed product as an add-on for the paper version, and to abandon obsolete media at the same time: no more expense involved in producing and distributing CD/DVD-ROMs, just printing the link to the download web page; this also means that the product is always compatible with the latest operating systems
• the power of a search engine especially designed for lexicographical contents: it enables complex queries over each database, and integration among different databases, without loosing the brand identity of each product
data security guarantee: all data are encrypted, stand-alone versions are protected by activation procedures, and online versions by IP security (multiusers) or by means of ID and password (single users)
dedicated solutions for every kind of users: Windows, Mac or Linux final users, institutional multiusers, corporate multiusers
high fidelization levels: thanks to the quality of the products, and to the opportunity of making free trials for a short time (therefore picking out the fittest product), we reach very high renewal rates: 100% for multiusers, and above 95% for single users.

For further informations, please contact us at
The software development staff is always seeking for total compatibility between our products and new releases of operating systems or browsers.