Among the new features of the software
• Total compatibility with 64-bit operating systems nowadays installed on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
• User deactivation and reactivation of the software in case of a system reset, hard disk formatting or operating system replacement.
• E-mail activation feature, to be used when the online activation procedure fails due to firewall restrictions.
• The possibility to come back on the website and download the installer for a different OS or - in the future - for a new OS.
• For some products, an updated databank.

Who can upgrade?
Any holder of a serial number of the same product purchased on CD-ROM may upgrade.
Each old serial number gives you the right to purchase one licence (i.e. up to 3 activations of the product) with a super-discount of 50% on the original price.

How to upgrade?
- Select the product you have in a CD-ROM version with serial number.
- Check the system requirements for the new downloadable version.
- In the right frame, click on "Do you already have a serial number for an old CD-ROM version? Upgrade from here"
- Enter your old serial number.
- Check out and complete your purchase.

Version compatibility
Serial numbers of old CD-ROM versions and of new downloadable versions are not compatible, and there is no risk of collision between the installation of these two versions, as the products are different.
Nevertheless we suggest to uninstall the old version before installing the new one, just to make sure that all links used to launch the software actually direct to the new version.


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