Connection type Users connected through a local company network with a proxy server must check the checkbox and enter the host and port parameters of the proxy server given by their IT manager. All other users, with a direct connection, must simply press the "Enter" button without entering any data and without checking the checkbox.

Activation modes After you pressed the "Enter" button, activation starts automatically in the online mode, and a message of succesfull activation is displayed.
In the event that a firewall with strict settings does not allow the connection with our server, the online activation attempt fails and the e-mail activation procedure automatically starts: in this case, just follow the instructions on the screen.

The online activation attempt may last several minutes, depending on the settings of your firewall: you should wait until the end without closing the application, in order to be redirected to the e-mail activation procedure.

System resetting or formatting Remember to deactivate the product (by means of the "Activation" menu) before making a general reset, a substantial upgrade of the operating system, or formatting your hard disk; otherwise you will loose one of the three possible activations of the product.