[version: 2013]
• 47,000 entries, both headwords and sub-headwords
• 361,000 synonyms, grouped following their usage label
• splitting into true synonyms, analogous terms, general terms (hypernyms), and specific terms (hyponyms)
• 110,000 antonyms and opposite terms, grouped following their usage label
• 90,000 meanings, annotated with definition and examples
• 1,000 sequences of semantic grades, for a better comprehension of the semantic relation between words
• governments of verbs, adjectives, and nouns

Search software:
[version: 18.1.sin]
• Direct search of index of entries
• Advanced search by field:
  - Headwords
  - Synonyms
  - Opposites
  - Entire text
  - Using predefined parameters
(grammatical categories, source language, registers and areas of use)
• Use of wild-card characters and logical operators
• Instant search of every word within an entry

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