of the same size: Greece and the Greek colonies, Etruscans and Rome, all other civilizations in the Mediterranean area, Near East, India, Egypt, the Judaic world, the ancient Italic, Celtic, and Germanic peoples.

• more than 8500 entries written by specialists
• places and dates of birth for each figure
• dating of literary, philosophical, and artistic works
• special pages with thematical widenings
• chronological tables of Greek and Roman history
• genealogical tables
• historical and thematic atlas
• 250 summaries of key works of the written tradition
• a circuit of 5200 crossreferences between entries

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• Approximate search of headwords activated when no exact match is found
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• Use of wild-card characters and logical operators
• Instant search of every word within an entry
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Enciclopedia dell'Antichità Classica Garzanti

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