All terms come with the indication of the usage scope or the comunity where they have been created and are now used: from street gangs to hip-hop culture, from Afro-American to student slang, without forgetting all the nicknames given to typical figures of the US culture.

The databank:
[version: 2016]
• 21.000 American headwords and 500 nicknames
• 27.000 different acceptions
• 35.000 Italian translations
• 3000 expressions given as usage examples
• 100 cultural information boxes
• Indication of the usage scope of each term

The search software: [version: 18.1.slang]
• Direct search of index of entries
• Approximate search of headwords activated when no exact match is found
• Advanced search by field:
  - Headwords
  - Translations
  - Full text
  - Choice of specific usage labels • Use of wild-card characters and logical operators
• Instant search of every word within an entry

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