In this New Devoto-Oli, entirely revised after 50 years from the first edition, all entries have been methodically recalibrated in their definitions and in their grammar, register, and usage distinctions.

[version: 2023]
• 150,000 definitions
• Over 32,000 clearly indicated idiomatic expressions
• Systematic information on prepositions used with verbs and adjectives
• Receptiveness to neologisms (over 500) in the living language and to those linked to current affairs, science and new technology
• Division into syllables and pronunciation of all Italian and foreign entries
• Diminutives of nouns and adjectives commonly used in the spoken and written language
• Etymology and date of the first attestation of each word
• More synonyms and antonyms
• Conjugated forms for all verbs
• Inflected forms for all nouns and adjectives
• Spoken pronunciation of all entries

Search software:
• Direct search of index of entries
• Approximate search of headwords activated when no exact match is found
• Advanced search by field:
  - Headwords
  - Inflected and conjugated forms
  - Idioms and phraseology
  - Entire text
  - Using predefined parameters (grammatical categories, source language, registers and areas of use)
• Presence of synonyms and opposites
• Use of wild-card characters and logical operators
• Instant search of every word within an entry

Nuovo Devoto-Oli

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