current needs of students and translators while preserving the terminology required for understanding literary classics and texts of the past. The work conforms to the rules of the 2006 spelling reform, but in the German-Italian section old spellings are also given, cross-referenced to the new spellings.

[version: 2012]
• professional version
• 180,000 headwords
• 300,000 definitions
• 70,000 phrases
• Systematic information on prepositions used with verbs
• Receptiveness to neologisms in the living language and to those linked to new technology
• Focus on the historical heritage of the two languages
• Ease of reference thanks to the neat layout of headwords and definitions, equipped with explanatory glosses
• Clear indications of register
• Two-way consultation

Search software:
• Direct search of headword index
• Advanced search by field:
  - Headwords
  - Phraseology
  - Translations
  - Entire text
  - Using predefined parameters (grammatical categories, specialist categories, registers and use, source language)
• Conjugations of all Italian and German verbs
• Use of wild-card characters and logical operators
• Instant search of every word within an entry

Il Sansoni Tedesco

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