while preserving the terminology required for understanding literary classics and texts of the past. The work conforms to the rules of the 2006 spelling reform, but in the German-Italian section old spellings are also given, cross-referenced to the new spellings.

[version: 2019]
• professional version
• 180,000 headwords
• 300,000 definitions
• 70,000 phrases
• Systematic information on prepositions used with verbs
• Receptiveness to neologisms in the living language and to those linked to new technology
• Focus on the historical heritage of the two languages
• Ease of reference thanks to the neat layout of headwords and definitions, equipped with explanatory glosses
• Clear indications of register
• Two-way consultation

Search software:
[version: 19.1.sg]
• Direct search of headword index
• Advanced search by field:
  - Headwords
  - Phraseology
  - Translations
  - Entire text
  - Using predefined parameters (grammatical categories, specialist categories, registers and use, source language)
• Conjugations of all Italian and German verbs
• Use of wild-card characters and logical operators
• Instant search of every word within an entry

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