transliteration into latin alphabet, and this feature makes the dictionary comprehensible to Italians with oral knowledge only of Japanese; the use of the latin alphabet as a sorting order in the Japanese-Italian section allow an easier looking-up to Italians that are not yet familiar with Japanese syllabic tables.

[version: 2015]
• 25,000 entries
• 15,000 compound expressions, examples, and idioms
• Latin alphabetical transcriptions of Japanese headwords and translations
• Latin alphabetical sorting of headwords in the Japanese-Italian section

Search software:
[version: 18.1.hpjap]
• Direct search of the headword index
• Advanced search among headwords and full text:
  -- alphabetical search among Italian words and latin transcription of Japanese
  -- search by ideograms with a Japanese keyboard
• Use of wild-card characters and logical operators
• Instant search of every alphabetical word within an entry

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