eLexico.com distributes the dictionaries of well-known publishers in electronic form, in both online and downloadable versions.

» Are you looking for multi-user solutions?

- Search for text within a field: this allows the use of wild-card characters “?” and “*”, logical operators AND, OR, NOT, NEAR TO, and can be extended to all fields marked in the initial database: headword, equivalents, phraseology, entire text, etc.
- Search by chosen categories: suitable for limiting the search on the basis of fields which contain abbreviated markers (grammatical categories, restrictions on use etc.) starting from a list which gives the meanings of the markers used.
- Limited search in specific sectors of the database; for instance in a single section in a bilingual dictionary, or in the basic lexicon of a monolingual dictionary, etc.
- Each word of the visualized documents is indexed and active; with a simple click of the mouse an immediate search is launched to find hits in all relevant fields.

Have you come across a problem with an elexico.com product?

Send us an e-mail to the following address: support@elexico.com providing the following information:
• the title of the dictionary
• the serial number of the product (the code containing 16 letters and numbers)
• the platform used (Windows, Macintosh or Linux)
• the operating system used (type, version and eventual system pack installed)
• the browser used (type and version) in case your problem is related to an online version
• the software version number (that can be found within the full description od the product) in case your problem is related to a product downloaded from this website
• the type of medium in case your problem is related to a cd-rom or dvd purchased in a bookstore
• a detailed description of the type of malfunction, attaching a screen dump of any error messages shown and the content of the file.log if indicated.