1) In order to access the online version you must take out an annual subscription.
2) The search engine and database are located on a server and used online by means of the user's browser from a personal or tablet computer.
3) An ideal solution for anyone constantly connected to the Internet.
4) Individual users gain access by means of a username and password.
5) Institutions and companies can take out a multi-user subscription and they access through the authorization of the IP number of the network.
6) Subscribers to more than one product can benefit from the total interaction of the databases. » Find out more
7) Eventual software and database updates are included in the subscription fee.

5) The licence purchased by the user has no expiry date.
6) Each licence enables three activations on three different systems.
7) If the computer is changed or the system is reset, the licence may be deactivated and then retrieved on a different system.

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